Choosing whether to live in the city or suburbs is a major decision that many of us face in life. You may feel tempted to move closer to work to save time on commuting, or to the peace of the suburbs to start a family. City life boasts endless opportunities for entertainment, and cultural richness. There is never a shortage of social activities on any given day of the week. Meanwhile, suburban life offers a more low-key lifestyle with desirable neighborhoods for raising a family. Here are some things to think about when planning your next venture.

Very often Suburban neighborhoods have more of a sense of community. Neighbors tend to communicate more frequently and with young children, there is more of an opportunity to meet each other outside and play on the playground in a green & safe environment.
The city on the other hand offers more interactive activities for children and adults alike. In New York there is constantly a new or old restaurant to try, a street fair to walk through, a gallery opening to attend, a part to explore or even a museum to visit even as you walk down the street, there is ALWAYS something going on for everyone. This can make it difficult to get some peace and quiet… even in the comfort of your own couch.

Space & Cost:
You get more bang for your buck outside the city. The cost of living is extremely high in NYC and what you get in return is often less then what you could get in the suburbs. Whether it be your home, shopping, entertainment or restaurants you pay a premium to live in the city. Not only are utilities and rent extremely expensive but daily essentials are expensive as well.
In the suburbs, the price per square foot when purchasing a home is generally lower than it is in the city. Therefore, you may find housing that is bigger and more affordable when relocating to the suburbs. You may even be able to afford a house in the suburbs for the same amount you were paying to rent in the city for a small apartment, giving you the space as well as privacy you desire.

Your children will obtain quality education in the public schools in the suburbs vs having to enroll them into private school in the City for a better education. The Private schools in New York City have an application process sometimes even more difficult to work through then your kids future college application process! Between the applications, interviews and screening that they go through, there is still not guarantee that the schools will have a spot for your child. Most public schools in the suburbs around NYC have top rated school systems with quality education equivalent to the costly private schools in New York City.

While living in the suburbs, you can allow your children to go outside and play on their own with other neighborhood kids, play on their play set without you having to sit out there watching them, and even allow your children to talk to the neighbor’s house. The crime rate in the suburbs vs. the city are considerably lower.