General Contracting

DeRosa Builders, LLC

General Contracting

DeRosa Builders is your complete resource from conception to completion for your new home build, addition or renovation. Our clients and partners benefit from detailed guidance with items such as concept drawings to the Certificate of Occupancy (CO). The process of constructing a custom home carries a number of risk elements for all parties. DeRosa Builders’ philosophy is one of partnership and effective communication, which helps minimize the risks involved.

Often times, while building a custom home, there is opportunity and/or need for design changes that conflict with a cost effective construction process. We will work to mitigate cost exposures by offering multiple solutions and clearly relaying any scheduling conflicts. An informed decision typically leads to good decisions.

Ultimately, we take pride in helping our clients make educated and effective decisions while leading them through the decision matrix relative to cost and design options. We realize that every project comes down to the timing, cost and finished product. We stay committed to working closely with our clients, and navigating these fast-paced and time critical environments effectively. Your project will always be supervised, and the lines of communication are always open. The end results and overall satisfaction of our clients have proven that communication is the key element to achieve everyone’s goals. The effective communication provided by the DeRosa Builders team plays a huge role in why past clients continue to come back to us for future projects, as well as referring us to their family and friends.


Property Renovation Services

DeRosa Builders has the experience with subcontractors to make any renovation project a pleasurable one.
Let’s face it, project renovations are unique and can present many challenges. One of the more difficult aspects of a renovation is that the homeowner typically occupies the home. DeRosa Builders manages this challenge in a few ways. First, we insist on the safety and cleanliness of our projects to minimize any additional headaches. We treat your home with the extreme care and respect that you are entitled to for having entrusted DeRosa Builders with the privilege of your project. At the end of each day the work area is cleaned and secured. Furthermore, a clean jobsite is a safe and productive jobsite.

A second hallmark characteristic of DeRosa Builders is the high degree of communication with our clients. Each project has its inherent tests, but our experience suggests that the more a client understands about their project the more satisfied they become during the project and upon completion. We simply insist that you know where you stand at all times. The communication that you will receive is second to none in the industry, and is one of the biggest differentiators DeRosa Builders carries over its competition.