DeRosa Builders, LLC


If you are a past or current customer, feel free to tell us what you think of our services. Your testimonials are a great motivator and a reminder to us why we continue to strive for nothing less than to provide a superior construction service. If you would like to submit a testimonial, please get in touch with us through our contact page and we’ll get it posted here.

It is our pleasure to say that we have been completely impressed throughout working with DeRosa Builders, that they are totally professional, communicative and more. We would unreservedly recommend them. I’ve been telling people that I know for a while now; it’s nice to have someone else to say it to! I plan on sending their contact information and a super strong endorsement to my colleagues. We’ll continue to look for additional opportunities to brag about DeRosa Builders.

Manny C. - Cos Cob

Anthony was recommended to us by a prominent Greenwich architect three years ago. Since that time, he has overseen numerous projects large and small around our house. We have very demanding standards for our work to be of high quality, aesthetically pleasing and also very environmentally friendly. To that end, DeRosa Builders is very thorough in understanding our expectations for each project; they have even persuaded us to go with less costly work several times knowing that doing so will more cost-effectively achieve our objectives. DeRosa Builders proactively researches materials that can meet our specifications and shares research with us. They oversee their crews closely to ensure they deliver against our expectations. They take responsibility for all the work done and will redo anything that does not live up to his standards. They do all this while consistently achieving the estimates (both in terms of price and schedule) provided. We routinely give Anthony’s company more projects, from remodeling a bathroom to redoing our basement, based on their high quality deliverables. We trust them with our keys and alarm code, and they do most of the work while we are away without our direct supervision. We recommend them highly.

Howard & Deborah S. - Greenwich

It is a real pleasure to recommend Anthony’s company after having used his services this year to build our home in Westport, CT. He is an extremely knowledgeable, trustworthy and dedicated individual working in an industry where a homebuyer might very easily be misled and misinformed. DeRosa Builders is a reliable and professional, with high morals and ethical standard. We were thrilled to have had the opportunity to work with Anthony and his team and were more than pleased at the completion of our home in September 2012. While working with Anthony and his company, we rarely encountered any surprises or mishaps, and in the rare case that we did, he was quick to rectify the situation. The craftsmanship and timeliness on and dedication to the construction of our home was impeccable to say the least. Additionally, after only being in our home for a month, Hurricane Sandy hit and gusty winds toppled a very old, large pine whereby the top half of the tree snapped and came through our master closet like a spear. Subsequently, we called Anthony and although he was personally dealing with the aftermath of the storm, he readily contacted the necessary subcontractors and had scheduled the repair work to be done within a few days. Without his assistance, we feel it may have taken weeks or months to get the damage repaired and instead repair work was done very timely and effectively. Needless to say, we were very satisfied with DeRosa Builders- not only in their professionalism and strong construction background, but their ability to advise and communicate on a timely basis. We would not hesitate to refer Anthony and his company to prospective clients at any point in time.

Carl and Donna B. - Westport

DeRosa builders is undoubtedly one of the best builders I have had the opportunity to work with. I have worked on many projects of various scale throughout the years and with each project I recognize how valuable Anthony’s contribution is. His entire team is adept at tackling each task with equal enthusiasm and care. The quality of construction that they bring to each job, sets them apart from the rest. I look forward to continuing my relationship with DeRosa Builders for many years to come.

Christian C. (Architect) - Westport

Anthony DeRosa and his team are excellent – great work ethic and quality construction. I particular appreciate how responsive Anthony is – he responds quickly to emails and phone calls regarding any issue, big or small. I also feel like you are never being taken advantage of. I have recommended them to several friends, and all have had a good experience.

M. Bavishi

Anthony is an excellent contractor. We’ve used him for a number of projects (a complete renovation of the kitchen, dining room, family room, master bath, gym, and mud room) and couldn’t be happier with his work. He is very detailed oriented, honest, and has a hands-on approach to projects. His prices are competitive and his work is impeccable. We were also crunched for time and somehow he made it work and completed as promised. I refer him to all of my friends.

B. Gordon

We feel extremely fortunate that DeRosa Builders built our home. As new homeowners, we needed a lot of guidance throughout the entire process. From our first meeting, Anthony and his team were kind, professional, and organized, and they provided realistic timelines. We asked them to accommodate a very aggressive finish date, and they never missed a deadline. We are consistently impressed with how meticulous the DeRosa crews are in their attention to detail and quality of work. If something doesn’t meet their standards, they simply redo it or fix it. We would highly recommend DeRosa Builders to anyone, whether beginning new construction or undertaking large or small home projects. They are an absolute pleasure to work with from start to finish!

Molly FC

On time, on budget, professional, clean, high standards of excellence, experienced, knowledgable, realistic, reliable, honest, easy to communicate with, hard working. These guys do everything that is asked or expected, and then exceed that to their own extremely high standards. The next house I build – this is the only call I will make. They know what they are doing, they care about the people along with the project, they go out of their way to make sure the client is informed and happy.


These guys are organized, responsive, motivated, friendly and fast. We were considerably behind schedule before building started, but Anthony has worked very efficiently, and we are now well ahead of schedule. We have really appreciated having such a good working relationship with him and his team!

Chez Poole

Fantastic builders and renovators. They were able to fix any problem and create any renovation or build out we requested. Very professional and responsible. We would recommend them to any friend.


As a real estate broker in town I’ve worked closely with Anthony and seen first hand is excellent workmanship, responsiveness, and professionalism. When I have a question or client that needs anything done pertaining to a home he is the man we call! He’s incredibly knowledgable and savvy in his industry. He’s up to date with the greatest and latest yet respectfully stays within the clients budget. I can’t recommend him highly enough. If you own a home you need Anthony!!

Lindsay Sheehy